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The Spirit of Huffman Historic Home Tour

October 4 - 5

Tickets Go On Sale August 2024


Spirit of Huffman: Where storied streets and community meet

There’s a special spirit here in Huffman—an atmosphere of knowing neighborliness isn’t a thing of the past but something we pass down. Our history doesn’t rely solely on elegant mansions or charming cottages. Our shady lanes have a far-reaching tale to tell... 

Take a stroll with us through Huffman in the early 1900s. What would you see and who would you bump into? Perhaps you wave to the bricklayers working on the new library on Fifth Street, funded by Andrew Carnegie. Or maybe you catch your neighbor on May Street, late for work at the Davis Sewing Machine Co., as she hops on her Dayton bicycle manufactured by the same company. As children race by with their lunch pails on the way to Huffman School, you wonder if you can catch the Third Street Railway streetcar to your favorite lunch counter downtown. Turning down Linden Avenue with its stately homes and welcoming porches, you wave to your family doctor or banker, or see the minister’s wife out with the Ladies Aid Society…

Come listen to the stories our streets have to tell at the Huffman Historic Neighborhood Association’s biennial, guided neighborhood tour, “The Spirit of Huffman.” Visitors will walk the district, stopping inside the old Carnegie library and four unique, Victorian-era homes. Throughout the two-hour tour, guests are guided and informed by Huffman residents new and old. On October 4 & 5, we invite you to discover a place where the narrative has always been about cultivating a community—prominent members of society traversed these thoroughfares alongside factory workers and skilled tradespeople. This IS the place where storied streets and community meet. 

Tickets for the tour will be available for purchase in early August.

We will be hosting evening tours on Friday, October 4 and daytime tours on Saturday, October 5, 2024. More details to come!

A long-Established Tradition of Neighborhood Caroling
Whatever the weather, a choir of local residents roams the neighborhood providing good cheer.
Informal Mantle Decoration Contest
Residents of Huffman were invited to submit photos of their seasonally decorated mantles. All of them may be seen on the Huffman Facebook
Facebook Icon_edited.jpg
Annual Cookie Basket Preparation
Every year for the holiday season, Huffman neighborhood volunteers provide a variety of items that are organized  and packed into gift bags and baskets. These are given to the many individuals, organizations, companies and city government departments who have contributed invaluable support to our neighborhood in one form or another.
Gift Bags and Baskets
The Annual Chili Cook-Off
This year it was hosted by the Light of the Nations Church
that is a part of the Huffman neighborhood
Huffman's Ice Cream Social was a part of National Night Out. City officials, police, fire and first responders stopped by our neighborhood to join in the festivities.
Garden Hop Progressive Cheer
An afternoon of camaraderie, conviviality and community spirit(s) at four neighborhood homes

Neighborhood Events

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