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Huffman Neighborhood Association


Restoring and maintaining a neighborhood takes much more than just a few coats of paint or replacing a dilapidated plumbing system. It also requires the personal process of building bonds between neighbors and friendsbonds that create a community where everyone knows each other and lends a helping hand.


The interaction catalyzed by the Huffman Neighborhood Association is noted for being one of the most effective in the city. The Association not only provides practical help and information about anything to do with home needsthrough the expertise and knowledge of the membersit also acts as the hub of a very active community social life that makes living here especially rewarding.

The Association fosters neighbor-to-neighbor relationships by sponsoring many activities such as home tours, Christmas caroling, summer picnics and informal open house gatherings. It also works closely with the city to continually improve the quality of life for Huffman residents.


Membership is open to all residents of the area for a nominal annual fee of $10 per household. Association financial resources come from a combination of member fees, grants from city and other organizations, and the proceeds of some events, such as organized home tours that attract large numbers of visitors. The funds are used to support neighborhood events, newsletters, local public mini-parks and gardening areas, etc.

Association Meetings


The Huffman Neighborhood Association meets the first Monday of every month. The meeting time is 7pm and the location is St. Paul church on the corner of E. 4th Street and Huffman Avenue. Everyone is welcome to participate, not just formal members. It is a dynamic organization that provides the focus for neighborhood events and strives to embody the spirit of Huffman that is the legacy of William Huffman himself

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